Tuesday, June 8, 2010

weekend ending

Had a busy weekend. Saturday i worked all day (10:30-8:30!), Sunday I woke up extra early for the mevile markets brought a couple of jems like a money box in the shape of an oxford wing-tip shoe, two lovely shirts and a Winnie the pooh cook book. after that i dashed home and changed and went to Leeds were the Awoke on a whale's heart vintage sale was on. some of the stall holders were Lala Orange, the ginger fox and oh henry! I was very disappointing. very average pieces for jacked up prices ($40 dollars for a simple 1960s shift dress!). After that I went to a friends birthday with Cecily and got a tad tipsy (hehe) and talked to the wee hours of the morning. then i awoke round 2:30 in the afternoon (thank you public holiday) and cooked pancakes from a recipe form the Winnie a pooh cook book whist dancing around to The Smiths.

Oh and I got a haircut~!  its short at the back, and longish at the front... I will post photos later.

AND this sunday i am doing a photoshoot with the lovely Frances Noe and her boyfriend Gabriel Hutchings!

photo of 1960s model and sex symbol Uschi Obermaier, send me an e-mail if its yours xx

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