Friday, April 30, 2010


Sorry for tha lack of posts! been super busy lately and blogging takes up a fair amount of time

Things that happened last week:

~My mum told off designer Peter Alexander.

~Had my super 60's party (I'm now 17! yay!)

~Got a huge hangover (not so yay)

Lets start off with my mum and The designer Peter Alexander. Peter Alexander designs chic and beautiful sleepwear, with vibrant colours and cute prints. Any way, as a mother's day promotion, Peter was visiting all of his stores with his mum, signing autographs and giving discounts.
So my mum walks up to him:

Mum: Hey, your the designer right?
Peter: Yes, hi nice to meet you *shakes hand*
Mum: Peter, I love your stuff, my daughter always drags me in here when we go to garden city, and i would buy something here every week if your designs were catered to larger women like me!
Peter: *Speechless*
Mum: Here's what you should do; Make the straps bigger and put more room in the bust for larger ladies!
Peter's Mum: That's what I've been trying to tell him!
Mum: listen to your mother, peter!

Peter Alexander
Later on he comes over to us, and says "thanks, you really made my mum's night" it was so funny!

oh and i brought these while I was there! so pretty x

The next day was my birthday, and The party went amazingly well (which is good because I once had a party when i was nine where i invited heaps of people and only two showed up...and we hired a magician and everything. so crushing!) I downloaded heaps of 1960's music and put up fairy lights and balloons, made jelly, pigs in blankets, marble cake, and a whole heap of themed food.

don't know what happening here..

We had a cocktail called a snowball which was blue CuraƧao and lemonade, red and white wine, and a bowl of mysterious punch which kept changing colour. needles to say, the hangover that arose the next day was massive, but worth it.
cool cats:
watermelon filled with with vodlka ..this is where the night gets hazy for me..




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