Sunday, March 14, 2010


Okay, so Renee's party was totally amazing, although it was in the middle of nowhere and took us nearly an hour to find it...but we bumped into Frankie's friend Danae at the bus stop tongue locked with a guy called Tom who help us find it about luck!

The party was in in singleton beach, as Renee had rented this huge house for two nights..there was punch, merriment, an ambiance of cute indie boys and lots of teddy shaped food to be had! The birthday girl was dressed as a panda magician, and her boyfriend as a teddy boy.

The party went on till the wee hours of the morning and a bunch of beefy guys stayed awake all night playing loud music. Me, Frankie, Gabe, and Fee crashed on the floor of the garage only managing to get two hour sleep before we caught the bus away from the party house (people were still drinking and dancing at 8:30 in the morning!)

I forgot my camrea, so I will steal some of Phoebe's photos so you guys can see what happened that night...
My cold now is worse than ever (I found out that drinking does not cure colds...oh hum...) but I have Tafe plus I'm meeting Linley to discuss and shop for the John Curtin Ball. Ah, that's life!

(I still need a dress for the ball! Its next Friday! help!)

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