Saturday, March 20, 2010

autmun nights

Last night was lovely dovey.
We started off with dinner in freo and then headed to the cafe downsouth and bummed free glasses of milk off a friend who work there.
went to a shop opening.
Then saw a boring movie but left.
but then the night beagan.
Frankie and I went to this party in south fremantle which was pretty good, drank wine, bumped into people I used to know, ate potato chips, talked all night and watched the sun rise.
In the morning I cheerifully made cups of tea to the kids with hangovers, then me, Frankie, and a guy called Jack walked into fremantle in search of deep fried food.
got home.
fell asleep.
A bunch of people I meet at the party are going to the beach tonight, but I'm not sure wheather to go or not.
maybe, maybe.....

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