Friday, February 26, 2010

Fairy Floss, three-dimensionals, and Frankie

Last night, My wonderful friend Frankie and I went and saw Avatar in 3D. I've seen it before that, but Frankie really wanted to see it so i reluctantly went.
The world of Pandora is amazing, and every 5 minutes me and Frankie would gasp and say "wow!" and "I wanna live there!!"

Overall it was a decent movie, but without the 3D and the amazing costume and set design, It would of been nothing. The plot line was overly clich├ęd, every possible stereotype in a action/romance/si-fi/war/nature flick was there.
It was like somebody came up with this amazing world (Pandora) and then, after spending over half the budget on effects, realized it needed a plot.
But it wasn't a waste of three hours, its a world you could easily lose yourself in.

this explains the plot, reminds you of anything?

click to zoom in

We ended up eating fairy floss, blue clouds, and candy hearts plus milkshakes at Fidels. I feel so sick after all that sugar, but I have to go to work today. Deary me.

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